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Prisoners of War, 13th Tennessee Volunteer Cavalry, USA

The following is a list of men who were captured during their service with the regiment. Some of these men were paroled and returned to the regiment, some died while being held prisoner or soon after release, and some never returned to the regiment and were either listed as deserters or pardoned. [Work in progress.]

Total: 6

Name Rank Company Date of Capture Place Captured Notes
Ashley, Benjamin Private A December 22, 1864 Saltville, Virginia
Bradley, Jesse Blacksmith F November 11 or 12, 1864 Morristown, Tennessee Sent to Richmond, Virginia and imprisoned at Danville, Virginia. Paroled and exchanged at Aiken's Landing, Virginia, February 21 or 22, 1865. Sent to Newton General Hospital in Baltimore. Furloughed April 4, 1864 and never returned to the regiment. Died at home October 17, 1865.
Fletcher, Lawson W. Captain A Recruited the company and elected captain, but was captured before being mustered. Assumed to have been killed, he was replaced by Pleasant Williams. He escaped a rebel prison and returned to the regiment at Nashville, commissioned captain, and resigned due to ill health. Died June 27, 1864 due to disease.
Jackson, James C. Private G November 13, 1864 Bull's Gap, Tennessee Released from prison and paroled February 22, 1865.
Lewis, David John Private A September 22, 1864 Lick Creek, Tennessee Released from prison February 15, 1865. Discharged by order of MG George H. Thomas.
Sells, Andrew Private A November 13, 1864 Bull's Gap, Tennessee