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Arnold Patton Fleenor (September 28, 1843 - November 28, 1914) served as a corporal in Company M, 13th Tennessee Volunteer Cavalry.

Personal life

Arnold Fleenor was born September 28, 1843 in Washington County, Virginia to Shelah and Aisley Virginia (Pippen) Fleenor. He married Sophia Taylor (b. 1855) with whom he had seven children.[1]

Civil War service

Fleenor enlisted as a private in Company M on November 1, 1864 in Knoxville, Tennessee for a period of three years and mustered in September 1, 1865 at Knoxville. He was appointed corporal July 1, 1865.[2]

He is described as 21 years old, 5' 10" tall, fair complexion, blue eyes, light hair, and by occupation a farmer.

Fleenor is listed as present for duty throughout his term of service.

Fleenor mustered out with the regiment on September 5, 1865 at Knoxville. He had never been paid, was owed $31.63 from the government for clothing, and was owed a $100 bounty.[3]

Post-war life

Fleenor was admitted to the Pacific Branch, National Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers in Los Angeles, California on September 17, 1911; his physical condition lists myalgia, an old collar bone fracture, chronic constipation, hemorrhoids, and an enlarged prostate.[4] He was discharged May 3, 1912 at his request. Fleenor was next admitted to the Western Branch, National Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers in Leavenworth, Kansas on April 27, 1914; his physical condition lists rheumatism, chronic musculoskeletal condition, arteriosclerosis, and cardiac hypertrophy.[5] He had previously been a resident of Roseburg, Oregon where he was a carpenter.

Fleenor died November 28, 1914 of a cerebral hemorrhage at the soldiers home in Leavenworth, Kansas and is buried at Leavenworth National Cemetery.[6] Although he was receiving a pension of $12 per month at the time of his death, the date of application for it has not been located.


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