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George Washington Miles (abt 1842 - May 1, 1922) served as a private in Company F, 13th Tennessee Volunteer Cavalry.

Personal life

George Miles was born about 1842 in Mercer County, Missouri or Breckenridge County, Kentucky.[1] Miles declared that he was a widower in the 1910 census, but no information about his wife has been located.

Civil War service

Miles first enlisted as a private in Company I, 23rd Missouri Volunteer Infantry on October 15, 1861 in Mercer County, Missouri for a period of three years and mustered in November 14, 1861 at Chillicothe, Missouri.

He was listed as missing in action on April 6, 1862 at the Battle of Shiloh but returned to the regiment and appointed sergeant July 4, 1862. He deserted on July 23, 1862. Miles returned to the regiment on August 8, 1862, was restored to duty, and reduced to the ranks on September 1, 1862. He went absent without leave for a second time on September 11, 1862; when he returned to the regiment was not recorded. Miles deserted a third time on October 11, 1862 at Hudson, Missouri and returned to the regiment on October 18, 1862. Miles was transferred to Company K on December 20, 1862. He deserted a fourth time on May 1, 1863 while at St. Louis, Missouri. He was arrested there on June 28, 1863 and returned to his company on July 7, 1863.

Despite his many absences, Miles was detailed to serve as a regimental clerk on October 4, 1863. In January 1864 he was detailed to serve as a clerk with a veteran recruiting officer. Miles was discharged December 31, 1863, reenlisted January 1, 1864 as a veteran volunteer at McMinnville, Tennessee, and received a $150 bounty. He received a veteran's furlough of for 36 days and returned to Missouri. Upon returning to the regiment, Miles was detailed to serve as a clerk at regimental headquarters. On October 25, 1864 he was detailed to serve as a clerk at division headquarters.[2] Although he had reenlisted as a veteran volunteer Miles deserted a fifth time on November 12, 1864 at Kingston, Georgia, taking with him his rifle and all other equipment.

He next enlisted as a private in Company F, 13th Tennessee Volunteer Cavalry on November 29, 1864 in Knoxville, Tennessee for a period of three years and mustered in December 6, 1864 at Knoxville.

He is described as 21 years old, 5' 10 1/2" tall, fair complexion, gray eyes, sandy hair, and by occupation a farmer.

Miles is listed as present for duty throughout his term of service for which muster roll records have survived. In January 29, 1865 he was on detached service for recruiting. From March through May 1865 he served as a clerk at brigade headquarters. He again served as a clerk at brigade headquarters in July 1865.

Miles mustered out with the regiment on September 5, 1865 at Knoxville. He had never been paid, was owed $25.02 from the government for clothing, and was owed a $100 bounty.

Post-war life

Miles moved to California by 1896 where he was employed as a laborer. He was admitted to the Pacific Branch of the National Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers in Sawtelle, California on September 18, 1903 due to a cerebral hemorrhage and was discharged at his request on May 29, 1905; he then returned to Tennessee. While in Tennessee, Miles was admitted to the Mountain Branch in Johnson City, Tennessee suffering from arteriosclerosis. Records are not extant, but he returned to California and was discharged from the Sawtelle Home on August 3, 1914. Miles was admitted again twice, without any recorded dates of discharge: April 2, 1916 and May 24, 1917; the last time he was admitted, Miles was receiving a pension of $40 per month.[3]

Miles applied for an invalid's pension on August 1, 1905. He died May 1, 1922 in Los Angeles, California and is buried at Los Angeles National Cemetery.


  1. He gave Missouri as his state of birth when he enlisted in the 23rd Missouri Infantry. He used Kentucky as his state of birth when he enlisted in the 13th Tennessee Cavalry. Because he listed Missouri as his state of birth after the war, that is most likely. In the 1910 U.S. Census, Malibu Township, Los Angeles County, California, he gives his state of birth as Missouri, his father's state of birth as Kentucky, and his mother's state of birth as Tennessee.
  2. 3rd Division, XIV Corps.
  3. Records, U.S. National Homes for Disabled Soldiers, 1866-1938, Sawtelle, California.

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