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William C. Allen (1845 - February 28, 1864) served as a corporal in Company A, 13th Tennessee Volunteer Cavalry.

Personal life

Allen was born to R. J. and Mary Allen in Carter County, Tennessee in 1845.

Civil War service

William Allen enlisted in Company A on September 22, 1863 in Carter County, Tennessee for a period of three years. He was appointed corporal October 11, 1863 and mustered in October 28, 1863 at Strawberry Plains, Tennessee.

According to the company muster roll dated April 30, 1864, Allen "Died at Gen'l Hospital Nashville, Tenn. of what affect not known, Feb. 28/64." The inventory of his effects states that he died in Ward 3, U.S. General Hospital No. 8.

In the report for his death, it is stated that he was 18 years old, 5' 7" tall, fair complexion, gray eyes, light hair, and a farmer.

At the time of his death he had been issued since enlistment, clothing worth $43.31, had received no bounty, and owed $4.00 to sutler M. F. Wagoner. His personal effects consisted of one overcoat, one shirt, one uniform jacket, two drawers, and one trousers.

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